Oct 23

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Red Ribbon Week at Jacob L. Adams Elementary (10/23-10/31)

Red Ribbon Week Celebration Promotes Drug Abuse Prevention

October 23-31, 2017

Red Ribbon Week is a nationally recognized event dedicated to alcohol, tobacco, drugs and violence prevention.  Students in the Henrico County public schools will join their peers across the country to “Say No to Drugs” during Red Ribbon Week. Jacob L. Adams will observe Red Ribbon Week with the following activities:

Monday – Tie up drugs (Tie dye t- shirts)

Tuesday – Turn your back on drugs (Wear shirt/blouse backwards)

Wednesday-Stick it to drugs (Stickers will be provided)

Thursday- Put a lid on drugs (“Wear a cap”)

Friday –Drugs and I don’t mix (Wear mix matched sneakers”)

Monday-Shade out drugs (“Sun shades day)


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